5 Baby Shower Games That Don't Suck (IRL or Virtual!)

March 15, 2021 2 min read

5 Baby Shower Games That Don't Suck (IRL or Virtual!) - shop-spiltmilk

Gone are the days of eating candy bars out of diapers (please, I hope!), and guessing the circumference of moms belly *cringe*. Here are a few ideas that won't offend mom, or any guests AND can be done virtually!

1. Guess That Baby

Ask guests to bring a printed photo of them as a baby. Mix them all up, tape them to a poster board and allow guests to guess who's who. Person with the most correct wins! Why we love this: it lets mom take a breather, as she is the center of attention today!

Virtual Version: ask guests to email their photos to the host, who creates a photo collage. Share your screen with the collage, go one-by-one through the photos and allow people to guess who's who in the chat.

2.  The Price is Right

Create a Word document listing different baby items Mom and Dad will need. Examples: 1 jar of baby food, 1 tube of diaper cream, 120ct pack of diapers. Give guests the list and a pen and allow them some time to guess how much each item retails for. Just like the game show, whoever has the most closest without going over, wins!

Virtual Version: ask guests at home to have a pen and paper, and show the document to everyone. Give them time to make their guesses and the host can announce the correct answers!

3. Baby Scattergories

Print a sheet for each guest that lists the entire alphabet (A-Z). Ask guests to complete as many of the letters as they can with baby items that begin with that letter. This is a timed game, so give 2-3 minutes, and the guest with the most letters filled out wins!

Virtual Version: ask guests at home to have a pen and paper, and write the alphabet on one side. The host can announce the rules, then the start and end of the game over Zoom. The person with the highest number of letters filled out wins! 

4. Nursery Rhyme Quiz

How well do you remember songs from your childhood? The host can start saying a nursery rhyme, leaving out words and phrases that make it too obvious - the first person to guess the rhyme correctly gets the point, the person with the most points at the end wins! This can also be done by printing a page, so guests can fill out at their leisure.

Virtual Version: the host can say the rhymes over Zoom, the first person to shout out the most correct answers wins!

5. How Old Was She?

Using 10 photos of mom at different stages of childhood. Allow guests to guess how old she was in each photo! The most correct answers wins.

Virtual Version: show the photos of mom as a slideshow, allowing guests to guess each one all together. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Oh and before I forget, also stop making guests eat baby food. STOP IT!