Whats the Deal With Swaddling?

December 07, 2020 2 min read

Whats the Deal With Swaddling? - shop-spiltmilk

Swaddling your newborn will give them a sense of calm and comfort. Your new addition isn’t used to the world yet, so they are constantly looking to feel safe and secure. A good swaddle blanket will mimic the womb, baby’s home for the last 9ish months!

You often hear of swaddling for sleep, but that’s not the only time your little one may be looking for the soothing benefits of a quality swaddle. Try swaddling if your little one is going through a fussy period, and enjoy some peace and quiet while the swaddle blanket does its job.

Once your little one begins getting used to the world around them, you will become their source of calm and comfort. The best part about a good swaddle? It mimics cuddling mom or dad which lowers stress levels and regulates temperature.

Speaking of temperature, there are a few key tips to swaddling for safety and comfort. High quality and breathable fabrics are a must, and thin swaddles are perfect to ensure your newborn doesn’t get too warm.

Making sure your little one is at a reasonable temperature lowers risk factors for SIDS, and regulating temperature isn’t the only way swaddling reduces these factors. A correctly wrapped swaddle will keep your infant on their back, which is the safest position for sleeping. Don’t forget, once your little one is rolling onto their tummy, or wiggling out or their blanket - a swaddle blanket is no longer safe for sleep, as it could become a loose item in the crib.

Safe sleep is important, and so is quality sleep! Swaddling helps your newborn achieve quality sleep by restricting movement - like when your little one jerks in their sleep. While totally normal, this moro reflex can make sleeping difficult for babies. By safely swaddling them in a stretchy blanket, you can limit their movement so they can’t accidentally wake themselves. That means more sleep for you, too!

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