Top Projected Baby Names of 2021

March 08, 2021 2 min read

Top Projected Baby Names of 2021 - shop-spiltmilk

A name is one of the few things that you choose for your new baby, that will stick with them their entire life. Most likely. (I mean most likely it will stay with them their entire life, not that most likely you'll do other things that will stick with them for eternity. No baby tattoos, please!).

This will be what their classmates are going to call them, will they be the only one with that name in their class? Or one of many? This is what will be on their resume. This is what will be on the cover of their first published novel. This is what will be listed on the menu of the Michelin Star restaurant they open.... no pressure. 

So, heres a question. Do you want a popular name? Unpopular? Family name? Let's see what the rest of the US is thinking --

There is, and has been for a few years, a big trend of girl names ending with -a.

+ Olivia
+ Amelia
+ Emma
+ Sophia
+ Ava
+ Isabella
+ Mia

Love the trend, but looking for something more unique? Here are a few less popular, but with a similar structure:

+ Ada
+ Luna
+ Aria
+ Mila
+ Stella
+ Isla
+ Nora
+ Ophelia
+ Alba

If you're not on the -a train, unisex names have been gaining popularity for both boys and girls. Some favorites include: 

+ Palmer
+ Quinn
+ Riley
+ Camdyn
+ Bowie
+ Parker

For boys, a huge reappearance of very traditional names seems to be on the rise:
+ William
+ James
+ Benjamin
+ Alexander
+ Jacob
+ Michael
+ Daniel

Still popular but more unique boy names include:

+ Sebastian
+ Owen
+ Wyatt
+ Jayden
+ Mateo
+ Asher
+ Hudson

and last, unique but not necessarily rising in popularity - yet!

+ Luca
+ Huxley
+ Cairo
+ Ledger
+ Benedict
+ Wells

Whats out? Here are a few names on the decline:

+ Cora
+ Coraline
+ Corey
+ Karen
+ Donald
+ Alexa

Basically, anything that reminds us of co...vid, or basically all of 2020.