Moms Reveal 5 of the Strangest Uses for Their Multi-Purpose Covers

October 12, 2020 3 min read

Moms Reveal 5 of the Strangest Uses for Their Multi-Purpose Covers - shop-spiltmilk

We recently received the absolute cutest photo on Instagram using our SPILTMILK Signature Multi-Purpose cover as a photo backdrop and it got us thinking: we tout that our Multi-Purpose cover is ideal as a car seat cover, and a nursing cover, shopping cart cover, highchair cover in a restaurant, etc. And it IS all of those things - but what we discovered when we polled the users of our car seat nursing covers on the unique ways they’ve used their Multi-Purpose cover, we discovered that it is SO. MUCH. MORE. It's truly one product a new mom cannot live without.

Nursing Carseat Cover


  • “What is it about car seats that seem to encourage a #2?! I know how bad the diaper rash can get it he sits too long, so I once pulled over on the side of the road and pulled my trusty multipurpose cover out of my bag so I could change my son on top of it in the trunk of the car with traffic wizzing by!” - Meghan L
  • “Obviously taking new photos of my daughter everyday while on maternity leave is of the utmost importance. But I started running out of different photos to take. She was in her crib in 99% of photos so I switched it up and used my Jewel Stripe Multi-Purpose Cover instead. Photos came out so cute” - Lauren H

  • “Once while shopping at the mall with my little one (pre-covid), I realized I had somehow leaked through my breast pad, and my bra, straight onto my very obviously soaked t-shirt. Luckily for me, I know to not only bring a change of clothes for my son, but one for myself as well! What I didn’t count on was being 12 light years away from a bathroom. My saving grace was throwing my Multi-Purpose cover on over my wet shirt as if I were nursing, shimmy-ing out of the shirt, putting my new shirt on over top and shimmy-ing out of the cover, all in the corner of a Bed Bath and Beyond!" - Ashley T

  • "Ok so this is a true embarrassing story. I take a long (3 mile) walk with my daughter everyday, and on this particular day she waited until we were exactly 1.5 miles away from the house, and I start to notice a lot of crying, and something really, really stinky. I know I cant let her scream all the way back to the house, and I didn't have a diaper or wipes. When I take her out of the stroller I see that it is EVERYWHERE. I made the decision she had to get out of this dirty diaper, and go diaperless because that is our only option. I take off her clothes and diaper, use the already partially soiled clothes as a wipe and put everything in a dog poop bag. I then use my multi-purpose cover and wrapped her little naked self in it while we walked home. It looked like she had on a strapless dress! It was all worth it for no more tears on the way home." - Kayla U

  • "Since I mostly baby-wear, I use my cover for nursing quite often! But sometimes I find myself in a tricky situation - the weirdest place I've used my multi-purpose cover was for nursing while walking through Ikea. While they have plenty of displays that had comfy seats for sitting, I'm glad I had my multi-purpose cover so I wasn't on display!" - Anna L