3 Baby Bibs and Which is Best for Your Registry

October 13, 2020 3 min read

3 Baby Bibs and Which is Best for Your Registry - shop-spiltmilk

Lets face it - making a baby registry is a whirlwind of overwhelming-ness and there are so many things to think about - cribs, bibs, pacifiers.. the list goes on (and on, and on)! How do you choose the best items if you've never had a baby? As if you don't have enough to do in the next 9 months...

Did you know, it's recommended that you begin putting together your registry around the 12th week of pregnancy? "But Abby," you might say, "I've had my head in the toilet for the past 5 weeks, and I've been sleeping (or wanting to sleep!) at least 48 hours a day. How am I expected to know what I need for a newborn baby when I can barely care for myself?!" And that would be a totally reasonable thing to ask. Let me tell you, I. GET. IT. The first trimester is absolutely no joke. You're tired, you're... tired. You're sick. All these crazy new things are happening to your body. Things are rough out there, it's true. And that is exactly why we have taken the time to compile this list of 3 different types of bibs so you can choose what will be best for your baby registry.


The Bandana Bib

These are your hipster baby's most coveted fashion accessory. No, but seriously these guys have a time and a place. They are cute, and I would absolutely recommend if you have a super-drooler. I haven't personally needed to use them, but I have plenty of friends who have. However, I would say these are good for drool and only drool. No food. They wont get the mileage that some of the other options out there will get. If you're more on the minimalist side, I think these can be nixed from the registry. 


The Classic Bib
3 Baby Bib Options and Which is Best for Your Registry

Why have bibs been made in the same shape since our parents were born? Because they work! The classic bib is a registry must-have, because it can really stand the test of time. And I don't mean that we should be using those bibs from when our parents are born. I mean they can go from newborn to toddler-hood and more. Heres exactly what you should look for in a classic bib - big, at least 10" x 13" in order to cover the mess zone. Double sided, this is important for absorbency and so that homemade baby food you made from blueberries doesn't soak right through on to a white shirt. And moooost importantly - MACHINE WASHABLE. Come on, no matter how cute something is, don't torture yourself by going with a bib you have to hand wash. This isn't 1763, we have washing machines to make our lives easier, we have classic bibs to make our lives easier - make your life easier! Its best to have atleast a few classic bibs on your baby registry, especially because these can be used for drool just the same as the bandana bib, so no need for both.

The Silicone Bib

I feel like this is either a love or hate product. In all honesty, there are both pros and cons here. We'll start with the pro's. They have a little pocket at the bottom to catch food. This is fantastic for keeping clothes and floors clean, thats for sure. The con is... it's not super awesome to have a pocket of mixed up, mushy, half chewed food to try to clean out - but we're parents now, we pick our battles! Speaking of cleaning, a pro is you can rinse them clean as well since they cannot go in the dishwasher. A con would be - I personally am not a fan of hand washing, but really you can just rinse these guys with a little soap and dry them off to be ready to use again. They are waterproof, so similarly to the classic bib - its unlikely you'll run into an issue where food leaks through the bib. Another con, these wont work for drool like the cloth options out there, and it's not something baby can wear during play. 


Hopefully I've given you some (baby)food for thought here. There are a few different bib options to consider when planning your baby registry. There is nothing wrong with adding all three! But, if you are looking for one particular bib that can work for multiple uses, and multiple ages - the classic bib is definitely the way to go.