9 Baby Bath-Time Essentials

October 08, 2020 2 min read

9 Baby Bath-Time Essentials - shop-spiltmilk


SPILTMILK 9 Baby Bath-Time Essentials Hooded Towel


Bath time for a baby isn't always as relaxing as bath time for an adult. You won't find any candles or wine on this list. But, you can ensure a good time by making sure you have all of these must-haves at the ready for baby's first bath.

1. Puj Flyte Tub - we loved this tub with our newborn. It's soft and flexible, and I can't imagine a sink it wouldn't fit in. Great for travel, too!

2. SPILTMILK Hooded Towels - a few of these are perfect. Hoods are important because babies get cold so easily, and lose a ton of heat from their heads. Bonus points if you stick it in the dryer for a few before baby gets out of the tub.

3. Muchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky - inexpensive and easy to use - all you need from a bath thermometer! The bottom turns white when water is too hot. 

4. The Honest Co. Truly Calming Shampoo + Body Wash - this is a serious all in one. shampoo + body wash + calming. Plus, its mild on baby's sensitive skin.

5. Pipette Baby Lotion - slather babe in this post-bath to seal in moisture. Made with plant-derived ingredients, its cruelty free and free of synthetic fragrances

6. Baby Bath Silicone Brush by Fridababy - babies love the little head massage that comes with this brush, and moms love that it brushes away dry skin, cradle cap and ezcema.

7. Puj Pad Bath Kneeler - mamas, this ones for you! You'll spend a tonnn of time sitting next to the bath. Do your knees a favor.

8. BEABA Shnuggle Washy Cup - tear free, please! Keep soap and shampoo out of babies eyes with this perfectly shaped rinsing cup.

9. mushie Stacking Cups Toy- eventually you're going to want to have a little fun in the bath. Avoid toys with small holes that squirt water as they're FULL of bacteria. Stick with cups and other fast drying options.