8 Things to Look For in Your Prenatal Vitamin

October 22, 2020 2 min read

8 Things to Look For in Your Prenatal Vitamin - shop-spiltmilk

The absolute first thing on my First Trimester checklist is to start prenatal vitamins if you haven't already! I see so much confusion on how to choose, and what you should be looking for, so I've created this breakdown to use as a guide:

  • 26% of pregnant women aren't getting enough vitamin A*. Your prenatal should contain some, but no more than 4,000 IU or 800mcg.

  • During pregnancy, 30% of women are lacking in vitamin C*.Vitamin C helps baby’s bones and teeth grow. Many fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, so it’s great if your prenatal has a some, too.

  • Calcium helps baby’s heart and nerves develop, yet 24% of pregnant women* aren’t getting enough. Many supplements don’t contain a lot, so find a prenatal with some and focus on calcium rich foods!

  • Almost everyone is deficient in Vitamin D, including 90% of pregnant women*. Look for a prenatal that contains over 600IU, but 1,000 IU is even better.

  • 94% of pregnant women* are struggling to get adequate vitamin E. 15mg is the recommended daily allowance, so look for a prenatal with at least this amount.

  • You may have already heard how important folate is during pregnancy, but 29% of pregnant women* are still missing the mark. Folate helps prevent neural tube defects, so look for around 600mcg in your prenatal.

  • With a large increase in blood volume, iron is crucial, but 6% of pregnant women* don’t get what they need. look for at least 18mg in a prenatal to reach the recommended 27mg a day.

  • Magnesium can help with cramping and constipation. Make sure your prenatal has at least a little, because more is excreted through urine during pregnancy.

* via health.gov