5 Ways to Keep Baby Safe This Flu Season

January 25, 2021 2 min read

5 Ways to Keep Baby Safe This Flu Season - shop-spiltmilk

It feels fairly awkward to say were in 'flu season'. As if we haven't been in flu season for uh... almost a year. But for moms, keeping their babies safe and healthy doesn't change with the seasons. So, here are 5 ways you can keep your baby healthy this flu season.

+ A Carseat Nursing Cover: we all know wearing a cloth mask largely blocks virus droplets from coming in contact with other people when you talk or cough. But what about infants who can't wear masks? Basically, the carseat cover is made entirely of cloth, and covers 90% of your baby when they are tucked safely away in their carseat. Plus, you can easily throw your SPILTMILK carseat nursing cover into the washing machine when you're back home!

+ Another thing we've all become accustomed to: handwashing and sanitizer. Using one of these two things before touching your baby can have a tremendous impact on stopping the spread of germs.

+ Get your flu shot! Both you and baby (6 months or older) should have a flu shot each year. 

+ Stay home if you can. While obviously, this isn't always possible. But it doesn't hurt to save trips to the library, or the childrens museum until spring, when the traditional flu season is over.

+ Disinfect regularly. A little clean up can go a long way in killing germs. Wipe down things you often touch, such as door handles, as well as toys and other surfaces baby touches with disinfecting wipes. According to the CDC germs can live up to 5 hours on surfaces, so this should help!

Bonus Points: your carseat cover also helps to ward off uninvited visitors who love to get in baby's personal space. We know they mean well, but sorry lady at the grocery store, you're too close for comfort! Grab an exclusive and hand-painted SPILTMILK Carseat Nursing Cover hereto keep your babe safe and protected this flu season.